Michigan Schools CPR/AED Drill Weeks
November 10, 2014 to November 14, 2014
February 2, 2015 to February 9, 2015

Over the past several years approximately 30 Michigan school age children alone have died from sudden cardiac arrest.  Studies have shown that early 911, early CPR, early defibrillation and early advance life support can help save lives.
Michigan Schools AED Drill Weeks is a voluntary, grassroots effort to promote the importance of school medical emergency response procedures involving a potential sudden cardiac arrest thereby improving school safety, heighting AED Awareness, and helping to save lives.

Michigan Schools AED Drill Weeks  helps encourage AED Coordinators to conduct AED Practice Drill(s) during the designated weeks.  It also gives administrators an opportunity to improve its program before an actual emergency arises. 

Participating Certified CPR/AED instructors, Fire and EMS responders, and Local Hospital Community Relations personnel may contact schools to offer their assistance.   These events will also provide a great opportunity for school and community relations and serve as a benchmark for continued practice throughout the school year.

Most importantly, an AED Drill improves the chances of saving the lives of students, teachers, administrators, and school visitors who may suffer sudden cardiac arrest.

Questions or comments?  Please contact us at help@aeddrill.com